In This Issue
"Block for Baby"
Learn how to make six unique knitted squares for a beautiful play block for your baby. This delightful block is designed by Nicky Epstein and the designs include a sun, a five-sided star, a cat, a smiling face, chain, etc. Depending on the yarn you pick and the needle size, you can make these in various sizes and colors!
"Wool Roving Rugs"
All you need to know is how to braid, and you can make these cozy warm rugs for your family and friends. We also offer you a crocheted version which is super easy to make. This is a fantastic item to make with your children, or when you get together with extended family. Felting is the most fun part as you’ll need lots of feet to jump up and down! This lightweight but very warm rug designed by Fiona Duthie promises to be a Living Crafts classic.
"Woodland Animals"
Learn how to make wooden figures designed for your child’s favorite fairytale. In this article, the mother-daughter duo Kimara McCombs and Michelle Bonney show you how to make woodland animals and a felt mitten custom-made for the Mitten story by Alvin Tresselt, perfect for a winter holiday gift.
"Felted Nutcracker"
This project is not just to make a felted nutcracker, but Laura Burch will give you complete instructions with step-by-step photos on how to make any felted doll with moving limbs! The techniques are unique, and the doll is warm and cozy and ready to hug by children of all ages. Your “Clara” will be delighted to find her nutcracker under the Christmas tree!