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Organic Fabric, A Complete Guide

In this 12-page article by Fiona Duthie, you値l find out about the leading brands of organic fabric
companies, where they are produced, where they are printed, their certification(s), as well as a
nice list of organic fabric retailers. In addition, We offer you a side-bar on Selection Criteria by
Tara Boyd and Winnie Culp of Nearsea Naturals.
Herbal Comfort for Summer Travel

Rachel Wolf has designed neck pillows, eye patches and sachets, filled with natural herbs, for your family痴 travel comfort. You値l also enjoy reading The Herb Garden, detailing the herbs she has used and their comforting, healing effects.
Wooden Boatmaking

This article shows you how to make simple wooden boats with children. The step-by-step photos detail the process, including natural dyes. Once you read this article, you値l want to make your own boats from here on!
Felted Yarn

Learn how to felt your yarn instead of spinning it! This fun project can easily be done with children or on your own, and produces beautiful results. All you need is some wool roving