In This Issue
"Wedding Shawl"
Read about a family’s story of making a wedding shawl for the bride-to-be with their blessings and written notes. This delightful project designed by Fiona Duthie is great inspiration for community giving for any occasion.
"Cleaning Toys that Work"
This article shows you how to make cleaning toys that really work and to excite your little ones to help around the house and instill in them the pride of participating in housekeeping. All you need to know is basic knitting and sewing, and with a few simple steps, you’ll learn how. This unique article by Angela Mobley promises to be a Living Crafts classic.
"Silk Painting Birthday Party"
Learn how to paint fabric with children, which makes a great activity for a child’s birthday party. In this article each child paints their own silk, and then together everyone makes a mural for the birthday girl.
"Silk Yarn"
Lorna Miser gives us a tour of pure silk yarns and blends in the market, sharing her knowledge about different types of silk and silk yarns, and use of each. The close up photography on each skein of yarn and descriptions will be as close as it gets to seeing the real thing!