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"Pencil Roving, A Complete Guide"

In this 10-page article by Fiona Duthie, you値l find out about the leading brands of pencil roving, how pencil roving use can be maximized, and two unique projects you can make.
"Triangle Shawls"

Shawls are a girl痴 best friend during the fall and winter months. These shawls are very practical, warm and easy to make. From fancy beaded yarn by Artyarn to beautiful silk by Alchemy Yarns of Transformation, this article provides beginners as well as more experienced knitters practical patterns you will love.
"Felt Wool Lanterns"
This article shows you how to make lanterns for fall and winter nights. Your children will love carrying their own lanterns on Christmas Caroling, or just simply walking outside. The step-by-step photos detail the process, including the handles for each. Once you read this article, you値l want to make your own lanterns and even use them as holiday décor around the house.
"Block by Block Around the World"

Learn how you can get together with your tribe to make quilts for family and friends celebrations. This story covers how a group of close friends make a quilt for a wedding present, and another for welcoming baby. All you need is some fabric from your stash