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Knitted Doll Blanket

by Fiona Duthie  - photos by Nicole Spring

Easy knitting and luxurious yarns make this an excellent last minute project.  Knit in simple garter and stocking stitch, or use a mohair yarn and knit in garter stitch alone.  This is a blanket that will make any doll cozy and comfortable, the doll’s caregiver feel nurturing and nurtured through the tactile warmth, and the maker happy to knit with such lovely materials!

Dolls Blanket


  • 1 skein Noro Kochoran yarn, Colorway No.53
  • size 8 (5mm) straight needles
  • yarn needle for sewing in ends

Finished size: 15″ (38cm) x 18″ (46cm)


Cast on 58 stitches.

Knit 8 rows garter stitch (knit every row).

Row 9: Knit

Row 10: K4, P50, K4

Repeat rows 9 and 10 until piece measures 16″ from the cast on edge.

Knit 8 rows garter stitch.

Cast off and sew in yarn ends.

Dolls Blankey

Posted by Living Crafts on Dec 12, 2010 08:08 AM | 12 Comments

12 Responses to “Knitted Doll Blanket”

  1. Sarah Mast says:

    so adorable! I recently found a vintage baby doll rocking crib at a flea market for my daughter, can't wait to whip one of these up for her "Dolly".
    Sarah Mast

  2. Michelle Jose' says:

    Love this one, thankyou

  3. I’m so excited! Hat or blanket first! Great magazine can only mean great blog…

  4. Gloria says:

    I knit an entrelac shawl in this beautiful yarn and everytime I wrap myself in it I feel warm, safe and loved. I have one extra skein left and will knit this blanket for my daughter’s doll. How true it is when you say that the doll’s cargiver will feel nurturing and nurtured through the tactile warmth of this gorgeous yarn. I bleieve it’s a blend of silk, angora and wool.

  5. Fiona Duthie says:

    I’m so glad to read some of you will be making this blanket. It is such an easy knit- it really is all about the yarn you choose!
    Gloria, I loved reading about your shawl, and the appreciation you also have for this yarn. It is so soft, and yet substantial….I would love a whole basket of it, to pick from as I think of new projects for it! And so nice that your daughter will have a doll’s blanket to warm fer doll, in the same wool as you have to warm yourself!

  6. invest says:

    My dog Chester had once this idea to play with me when I was asleep. When he finally woke me up, his eyes expressed the same feeling I have now looking at your site. It’s just one big “COOOOOL” ;) .

  7. Thanks for a informative post; I enjoyed it very much.

  8. I have been waiting for this info for weeks!

  9. Kathy Phillips says:

    Do you have the pattern for the hat the doll is pictured with?

  10. Danna says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing!! Any chance you could share the hat pattern??

  11. Rachel C says:

    I love this blanket! I made it for my daughter’s new Christmas doll and it is just perfect! Thanks so much for the pattern!

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