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Wind Waver


This Wind Waver project from Oak Meadow’s Kindergarten Curriculum is perfect to make at home or outside while at a picnic or camping.  With a little summer breeze it works great and is a great item for the porch or above your tent while camping.  


- Round cardboard container (like Quaker’s Oatmeal)

- Construction paper

- Paper glue

- Crepe paper or fabric streamers

- Scissors

- Paper punch

- String

- Crayons

- Wind


1. Cut the end out of an empty round container.

2. Using construction paper, glue and crayons, cover and decorate the container.

3. Using the paper punch, punch several holes around the bottom of the container.

4. Cut streamers about 3 feet long.

5. Thread one streamer through one hole until both ends are even, and tie a double knot that secures the streamer near the hole. Repeat with the other holes.

6. Punch four holes in the top of the box.

7. Cut four pieces of string about 2 feet long.

8. Lace one piece of string through each hole, knotting the end on the inside of the tube. Tie all four strings together on top. Tie to a longer piece of string.

9. Hang your Wind Waver outside where it can move freely
and watch the wind play with it!

This tutorial is courtesy of our friends at Oak Meadow Curriculum and School.  You can find more simple crafts in Oak Meadow’s First Book of Crafts or Book of Nature Crafts.

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