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Across-Stitched Eggs

Across Stitched Eggs
These cross-stitched eggs by Forostyuk Inna, showcased in Sublime Stitching blog may have been stitched through Across-Stitching! My guess is if you thread your needle and keep going from one side of the egg to another you’ll cover all your basis, but it is only for those who have lots of patience.

Posted by Living Crafts on Mar 25, 2011 09:27 AM | 1 Comment

One Response to “Across-Stitched Eggs”

  1. Hedwig says:

    How utterly beautiful !!!! I really love them!
    I am going to make those, but then I will use white fabric, cross-stich and later fill them up with wool and close them. So i can enjoy this idea more in a safer way. Thank you for sharing this !!!

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