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Back Issue SALE!

Winter 10-11 Fall 2010

Summer 2010 Spring 2010

Winter 2010 Fall 2009

Summer 2009 Spring 2009

Winter 2009 Summer 2008

Spring 2008 Winter 2007/2008

All back issues (except Fall 2008) are now on sale until January 3, 2011. The current issue is included in this sale.  U.S. rate is $5.50, Canada $8.50 and Other International $13.50!

Happy New Year!

Posted by Living Crafts on Dec 26, 2010 12:17 PM | 5 Comments

5 Responses to “Back Issue SALE!”

  1. Tracy Bernard says:

    Just my luck that they go on sale now. I told my husband that the back issues were the only thing I wanted for Christmas so he ordered them. They just came today!!!! LOL. Before Christmas I went to Old Navy to get my son a new pair of pants. They were having one of these draw a card for a discount door prize contests. Every single one I drew said “Sorry No Prize” until the women finally took pity on me and gave me a card for 20% discount. I have no luck!

  2. Living Crafts says:

    Tracy, the price for single back issue copies are discounted. the total package gets only a $3 discount total. Oh please don’t call yourself unlucky! Blessings, and Happy New Year! pardis

  3. Fiona Duthie says:

    What a beautiful and impressive display- to see all 12 issues there together. As a whole like that, I can appreciate them all the more!
    Congratulations, Living Crafts, on producing such a wonderful collection of craft!

  4. Love the newest look. I enjoyed the article. Thanks for the great work.

  5. I have been looking for this all day! Thanks for posting!

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