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Ozark Opulent Hat

by Jill McNeal

Ozark Opulent

This boho mother-daughter hat can be made with or without the pom-pom, and is soft, warm and luxurious. You and your daughter can start together and each knit your own!


Ladies S/M; Child’s M/L; Child’s S/M


1 Skein Ozark Opulent (by Ozark Handspun 50 yds) Name: Mystic
1 Skein Big Baby (by Alpaca with a Twist 82 yds) Color: 5004
(Colors shown are for model)

GAUGE: 12 stitches & 16 rows = 4 inch square

NEEDLES: Size 10 16″ circular, Size 10 double pointed

HELPFUL TOOLS: Ring Marker & Darning Needle

TO BEGIN: Cast-on 55 (51, 47) sts with Ozark

Important Note:

Before joining in the round, make sure all stitches are in a uniform circumference. Place ring marker on right needle (pass ring from round to round).

PART ONE: Brim of Hat
Round 1 thru 9 (8, 7): Moss Stitch All Rounds (knit 1, purl 1. The next round should place knits on top of purls and purls on top of knits)

PART TWO: Body of Hat (all sizes)
Round 1 thru 6: Change to Big Baby & Knit
Round 7 thru 11: Change to Ozark, knit 1st round and Moss Stitch remaining 4 rounds
Rounds 12 thru 15: Change to Big Baby and Knit
Rounds 16 thru 19: Change to Ozark, knit 1st round & Moss Stitch remaining 3 rounds

Next Round(s): Change to Big Baby and knit each round until the hat measures from cast-on round as follows:
Ladies S/M : 7.5 ins;
Child’s M/L: 7 ins;
Child’s S/M: 6.5 ins

PART THREE: Shaping Crown
Woman’s S/M:
Round 1: Knit 9, k 2tog (5 times), 50 sts.
Round 2: Knit 8, k 2tog (5 times), 45 sts.

Child’s M/L:
Round 1: Knit 9, knit 2tog, knit to end (50 sts)
Round 2: Knit 8, k 2tog (5 times), 45 sts.

Child’s S/M: Round 1: Knit 8 knit 2tog, knit 17, knit 2tog, knit to end (45 sts)
Decrease Rounds (All sizes)
Needle Note: When yarn becomes too tight to work on circ. needles, change to dbl pointed
Round 1: Knit 7, k 2tog (5 times) 40 sts.
Round 2: Knit 6, k 2tog (5 times) 35 sts.
Round 3: Knit 5, k 2tog (5 times) 30 sts
Round 4: Knit 4, k 2tog (5 times) 25 sts.
Round 5: Knit 3, k 2tog (5 times) 20 sts.
Round 6: Knit 2, k 2tog (5 times) 15 sts.
Round 7: Knit 1, k 2tog (5times) 10 sts
Cut yarn & run darning needle thru remaining 10 stitches.

Make Pompom:

Cut 4-5 inch length pieces with remaining Ozark yarn. Take 1/2 of pieces and stack together and tie in the middle with a piece of Ozark yarn. Stack remaining length together and lay criss-cross in middle of first stack. Tie stacks together, shake and attach pompom to top of hat. Weave in tails.

Posted by Living Crafts on Jan 3, 2011 12:32 PM | 1 Comment

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  1. Leah says:

    Truly beautiful! Thanks so very much for sharing this gem! : )

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