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Knitted Child’s Hat

by Fiona Duthie – photos by Nicole Spring

After knitting the doll’s blanket and working with this yarn, I simply could not help but design a hat that would allow a child to have constant contact with this lovely yarn! One skein is enough to knit two hats, and due to the variations in Noro’s colored striping, each hat will be completely different!

Child's Knitted Hat


1 skein Noro Kochoran yarn, Colorway No.53

size 8 (5mm) straight and double pointed needle sets

Gauge: 14 stitches and 22 rows equals 4″ square Note: You may need to take back your gauge square in order to have enough yarn to finish two hats from one skein of yarn.

Instructions given for two sizes: 1-3 years, measures 17″ at widest part of head (4-6 years, shown in parentheses), measures 19″ at widest part of head

Child's Knitted Hat


Using straight needles, cast on 36 (40 stitches).

Knit 16 rows garter stitch (knit every row).

At the end of last row, cast on 24 (26) stitches.

Evenly divide stitches while transferring onto dpn’s.

Turn knitting.

Place a marker to show beginning of round.

Purl one round, joining to work in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.

Knit one round.

Purl one round.

Knit every round until piece measures 4″ from hat front edge.

Child's Knitted Hat

Child's Hat

(Large size only: K9, K2together, repeat to end. Knit 1 round)

Both sizes:

K8, K2 together, repeat to end of round.

Knit one round.

K7, K2 together, repeat to end of round.

Knit one round.

K6, K2 together, repeat to end of round.

Knit one round.

Repeat these two rounds, knitting one less stitch before the K2 together, in each decrease round, up to and including: K1, K2 together, repeat to end of round.

Knit one round.

K2 together, repeat to end of round. (6 stitches remain)

Note: for a flat topped hat: break yarn, pass yarn end through remaining stitches, pull tight and sew in end yarns.

K2together, repeat to end of round. (3 stitches remain)

Pass stitches onto 1 dpn.

Knit 4 rounds I-cord.

Break yarn, pass through remaining stitches, and sew in end yarns.

Make two cords, each 12″ long, either by knitting 3 stitch I-cord, braiding, or fingerknitting.

Sew one end of each cord to corner of ear cover to make the under-chin tie.

Sew in all end yarns.

Child's Hat

Posted by Living Crafts on Dec 12, 2010 08:07 AM | 18 Comments

18 Responses to “Knitted Child’s Hat”

  1. Ashley says:

    I am so in love with these hats and this YARN!! How gorgeous! I am on the hunt right now for the yarn and will knit one up for my 2-year old daughter! Thank you so very much. Most beautiful children’s hat I have ever seen!

  2. Sarah R says:

    I love these hats! I especially appreciate that they cover the ears so snuggly, unlike many earflap hats I’ve seen. Thank you for the fantastic pattern!

  3. Marie says:

    love the blog. love the magazine. the tops are a perfect project for my preschool. i wish i could knit the little hat for each and every one of them too. thanks for all the inspiration, with instructions!

  4. claire says:

    Love the magazine & now the blog too! Thank you for the patterns. I’m excited about the workshops coming in Jan too, off to look for more details on that. Thank you for the inspiration, instructions and great photos!

  5. Linda says:

    I love the new stuff. This hat pattern in adorable!

  6. Fiona Duthie says:

    Thanks for all your kind words!
    This hat was just meant to be! The minute I finished the blanket, I rushed up to my LYS, to get a skein for the hat. I just started knitting, and taking notes as I went, of course, and it came out exactly as I had envisioned. I love that you can get two hats, that look completely different from the one ball. It is the kind of hat, and yarn, that finds you absentmindedly rubbing the head of the child wearing it, when they stand or sit next to you. Another great tactile experience of love and nurturing for the child through this hat.

  7. Joya Roy says:

    the little gnomey topper just finishes it off for me.

  8. Lisa Salkever says:

    This hat is so beautiful! Please, could you give this not so experienced knitter instructions for making it for a 5 year old? Thank you!

  9. Lisa Salkever says:

    very sorry for not reading the pattern closely enough – I see that you have instructions for this size. Thank you very much and I will read more carefully from now on!

  10. Fiona Duthie says:

    Glad you found it Lisa! If you have any questions, just ask!

  11. I saw a tv show last week about this. It wasn’t as exciting as your writing.

  12. I saw a tv show last week about this. It wasn’t as exciting as your writing.

  13. stitchknit says:

    Adorable. Especially love the little I-cord on the top…..sweet.

  14. Lynn says:

    Just finished one for my littlest. It’s adorable. Thanks for the pattern.

  15. Dottie says:

    I made this in purple Lambs Pride worsted for my great niece. I integrated an Italian silver string with miniature pallets on the crown to “gussie” it up a bit! She loves it and she looks so precious. It’s a great pattern! Gonna try Noro silk garden next.

  16. Theresa says:

    This is the best kids earflap/neck warmer pattern ever! Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. susie hooper says:

    How do you print this pattern?

  18. susie hooper says:

    i just want a cc of the noro boys hat pattern, please.

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