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Book Binding Tutorial and Oak Meadow Giveaway

The art and craft of bookmaking creates a special space to hold our words, drawings and ideas.

Here is a wonderful book binding craft to share with the children in your life, compliments of Oak Meadow Curriculum and School.

Bookmaking fosters an appreciation for the beauty of language.  Handcrafted books can be used for stories, reports, or journaling–or be given to someone as a special reminder of the joy of writing.  This thoughtful article, Hardwired for Writing: The Intelligence of the Hand  explores both the cognitive benefits and charm of handwriting.

For more crafts and articles on creating a lifestyle of learning at home, visit back issues of Oak Meadow’s Living Education Journal.



Oak Meadow Curriculum and School has generously offered a complete homeschooling curriculum package for one K-8 grade of your choice. That’s a value of $120-$420! It’s a great time to plan your curriculum for next year, and this package will give one Living Crafts reader the perfect start!

Simply visit Oak Meadow’s latest issue of Living Education, a quarterly journal that inspires and informs home learning with strategies, tips, and crafts. Leave a comment here with feedback and/or suggestions for future issues and you’ll automatically be entered in the giveaway!

We will pick one lucky Living Crafts winner on Thursday, April 12 Midnight PST and announce on this same post.

Posted by Living Crafts on Apr 5, 2012 08:37 AM | 444 Comments

444 Responses to “Book Binding Tutorial and Oak Meadow Giveaway”

  1. I didn’t know about the Living Education journal – it’s great! We would love to try Oak Meadow’s curriculum.

  2. Jess says:

    We are planning on entering the world of homeschooling and would love to use oak meadow! Any information on incorporating writing or science would be great! Thank you so much for the opportunity :)

  3. Jessica T says:

    Thank you for featuring Oak Meadow again. I love the focus in the curriculum on the whole child and on teaching at ages that are developmentally appropriate. I would appreciate another focus on early childhood and the importance of (and how to create, foster, or encourage) imaginative play.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have used the Oak Meadow first grade curriculum and both my children and I were very excited each week to see what they would be learning! It was a wonderful homeschooling resource!

  5. Jessica says:

    I’ve just had the pleasure of discovering Living Education. Thank you for this fantastic resource! My ten year old was peeking over my shoulder, interested in the book binding tutorial I was perusing. Last summer, he attended a day camp at Minnesota Center for Book Arts and learned a few basic binding techniques, but this one is new to both of us. He recently started drawing and writing his own comic book series and thinks this particular binding method will work great for showing off his creative work. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  6. Kelly says:

    These articles are wonderful….I just recently stumbled upon Oak Meadow in a search for a heart-filled homeschooling curriculum for my 6 year old, and I’m sold! Thanks for the wonderful information….best suggestion: keep it coming!

  7. margaret says:

    I really love Oak Meadow Curriculum. I have been using bits and pieces of it for my son with autism. I would love to be able to afford an entire curriculum for him. It is an holistic and dynamic educational curriculum for him. I can only imagine how much further he would advance using the entire Oak Meadow Curriculum. Thank-you.

  8. Jordan says:

    I didn’t know about this…great articles. We will be using the second grade and kindergarten curriculum next year and are really excited.

  9. Kaidren says:

    Great website — I didn’t realize that distance education is also offered. This can be a nice option for some students and families. I would love to give Oak Meadow curriculum to my sister, a homeschooling mama of three :-) .

  10. Paula ThompSon says:

    As a 15 year Waldorf Teacher, I have always appreciated the work done with the Oak Meadow curriculum. I have worked with several families that have left our school and steered them to this proven Waldorf Homeschool support.

  11. Jessica says:

    Thanks for so much “fun stuff” in one place! What a great resource.

  12. Jason says:

    There’s too much to read!
    It gets me all excited for the things that I would love to be teaching my oldest (4yo)!
    Thanks for the posting, I will be returning to the articles often…

  13. Jessica says:

    I appreciate the writing thoughts, thanks for giving me food for thought.

  14. Kelie says:

    I love the newsletter. I have the 1st grade curriculum from Oak Meadow and am really enjoying it with my son.

  15. Iska says:

    The articles on writing are extremely timely for us right now. My ds likes to make up stories, but has a really hard time wanting to write it down. I am glad to have been introduced to this journal.

  16. Megan Tallmadge says:

    As my daughter reaches the school age we are preparing ourselves for the next level of schooling. Oak Meadows has and will continue to be a source of inspiration. What a great gift.

  17. Mellany says:

    It was so timely to learn about Living Education since I struggle with getting my son to write. I will definitely use some of the tips and suggested writing books in the future.

  18. Tashina says:

    I used oak meadow with my older son, but I didn’t keep the younger years. I am not sure which curriculum I will use with my youngest who is just about ready to start school. We did like oak meadow for the most part.

  19. angela says:

    I have been dreaming of homeschooling for so long now. Oak meadow looks like a very interesting alternative. Thank you for giving me a chance to learn about it.

  20. Holly G. says:

    We are finishing our 5th year of homeschooling. We’d be thrilled to win a wonderful Oak Meadow curriculum package!
    I’d like to see more information about science exploration in the newsletter.

  21. Ronc says:

    I would like to suggest that you publish the news letter monthly or bimonthly for my son who is homeschooled.


  22. Dawn says:

    Always interesting to find something new and inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity.

  23. keesha says:

    l Love Living crafts! An inspirational site for all, with informative easy little jems I can try at home with my two children… I am hoping to use more Waldorf inspired method to teach my very first class of students starting in sept. ~Wonderful site! ~

  24. jami says:

    Oh goodie, I’m going to teach myself how to play the recorder!

  25. Mike says:

    My wife and I have been looking at this very curriculum for our 5 year old. It would be a blessing to be able to get these. Thank you.

  26. carrie says:

    I was inspired to learn more about Waldorf after reading OM’s Heart of Learning 5 year ago. I still go back and read it when I’m needing affirmation.

  27. jeanne says:

    Sounds so creative and like it includes a variety of inter related activies.

  28. carrie says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! We are at a new and busy “place” in our lives and would love to have the guidance and direction that comes with an Oak Meadow curriculum! Thank you!

  29. Jessica K says:

    What a wonderful give-away and what perfect timing as we embark on a homeschooling journey with our two young daughters!!

  30. Serena says:

    I have been on Oak Meadow’s site many times as I start to plan for our homeschooling journey, but somehow have never spent time in the Living Education publication. What a great resource! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  31. pattie says:

    I homeschool my two grand daughters and I share Oak Meadows philosophy. I would love to begin next year with
    their curriculum. I may try some small parts anyway.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to their website.

  32. Brandie says:

    We have always (6yrs) home educated without any definitive direction. I imagine curriculum would be a sweet respite and add some interesting direction. I’m off to explore their site / publication..

  33. Moriah says:

    What a great magazine. I would love to see things on integrating rhythm in the day (for the parents!).

  34. Bliss Price says:

    I am so happy to have come upon this site. I am home schooling three, six year old’s and am thankful for ideas such as these. Mahalo!

  35. Rachel says:

    Currently my daughter is “unschooled” but would like to have more structure to her “formal learning” – her words! This last year she has been strengthening her writing skills, as well as her design and art skills… this is a great project and the curriculum’s site makes it look like a perfect fit for her! Nice combo! :)

  36. Wendy says:

    Hooray for a great giveaway! We have been “living learning” (homeschooling) for 21 years and would love to try Oak Meadow’ curricula.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Wonderful curriculum! I’ve looked at it before and am so encouraged to see such neat homeschooling materials out there that support the Waldorf ways of encouraging learning!

  38. Dan Z says:

    We’re a homeschooling family too, in our 20th year of schooling our young’uns…always appreciative of good resources.

  39. Carolina Amador says:

    I am really interested in homeschooling and would love to try the Oak Meadow curriculum!

  40. Wondering who won the giveaway? It says above that the winner will be announced in the post, but don’t see any name?? Thanks!

  41. ~Kris says:

    hoping whomever won didn’t accident have the notification sent to spam box or something…

  42. I found this page because I have another website with almost the exact same domain name. I was doing Google searches and I thought for a second that my site was ranking high for once hahaha. Good stuff.

  43. Mindi Line says:

    Bookmaking is such a great idea. My daughter loves to read, but she loves the idea of creating our own stories to learn and remember together. I appreciate the Oak Meadow style of learning.

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