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TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List

Seven minutes of inspiring fiber art images. In this video TAFA shares members visions of red: of boldness, love, and passion…
some heat to get our fiber circulation pumping for Valentines Day crafts!

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a business community of entrepreneurs rooted in textile and fiber art products and traditions. A majority of our members have social and environmental agendas at the core of their business. TAFA unites old and new traditions, their historical and modern importance, giving a shared platform to both contemporary and traditional textile techniques from all cultures.”

TAFA presents an inspiring collection of all things Fiber Arts….Beautiful pictures and links to fiber artists and fiber suppliers around the world….a delightful place to spend a few Sunday hours with a cup of tea!

Posted by Fiona Duthie on Feb 3, 2013 12:43 PM | 2 Comments

2 Responses to “TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List”

  1. Rachel Biel says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing and for the shout out! I saw some traffic coming from over here and came over to see who you were. What a great resource. I will share your link on our member group.

    Nice to meet you! :)

    Rachel Biel
    TAFA Founder

  2. Lashell says:

    How wonderful to see TAFA here, Thank you!
    designtalentedone on Etsy!

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