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Friday Gallery

Our Living Crafts Friday Gallery winner for this week: Kristen

Kristen's Hand Dyed Play Silks

“I’ve been wanting to dye playsilks for a year or so now, I just wasn’t sure if my kids were too old. I finally ordered some, thinking that I’d dye them myself and use them instead of Easter “grass” in their baskets. I realized though, that they would miss out on the fun stuff if I did that. Instead, we took an afternoon to have fun in the kitchen. They each picked 3 colors from my Wilton dyes (we even used Kool-aid on one) and helped me dye the silks. My 5 year old daughter had the most fun rinsing them out and hand washing them in the sink. She said it was like washing clothes in the “old days” like Laura and Mary (we’re reading the Little House books!) They were so pretty hanging outside to dry, that I had to snap a picture. What a fun day. “
Kristen from Two Raccooon Hollow

Susie`s Spring Girls

“What I appreciate most about making this craft is how the process centers me and just feels “right” from start to finish. I love that I am taking minimally-processed materials from and of the earth, and gently molding them into another type of perceived beauty. People off all ages can love dolls – and dolls that are handmade, with natural materials, are the ones that make it for the long haul in our home. Not just because the materials hold up well, but I sincerely believe that, when one holds in their hand an item carefully made with love, made of natural fibers, there is some sort of connection to the life that surrounds us. My kids know their dolls’ hair comes from a sheep, or a goat. That the cotton dress began in a field. That the special yarns were carefully spun by another artist. It’s an honor to be part of the crafting community, and making dolls has allowed me a connection to this community and the life around me in ways I never expected.“
Susie Hendricks from Treehouse Wonderland

Every Friday is Gallery Day at our blog. Please provide us with a link in the comments section below or email us ( by midnight, a photo and description of your projects- they don’t have to be Living Crafts projects (but of course we LOVE to see those too!). We’ll pick our top four to six pictures of readers’ projects selected from the previous week to feature on our blog and our top pick will win a free one year subscription to Living Crafts Magazine. Please spread the word and don’t forget to leave a link below to your recent project- we love to see what you make! Please send with a comment starting with: What I appreciate most about making this craft is …

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