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Friday Gallery

Winner:  Spring Garden Wren by Nancy

Nancy's Spring Garden Wren

“What I appreciate most about making this craft is being able to replicate in an evening what my children are interested in at that moment. This wren came about this week because my son and I were curled up in a sunbeam watching a wren through the window. He flitted about the branches and bare garden earth and we dreamed up stories about him. Then a quick evening of felting and now a wren is here to visit my son on our windowsill everyday.”

Hallie's Wooden Egg

“What I love about this craft is the detail. I love the detail that goes into these creations and the total joy I see on my girls’ face while they are playing with them and going on fairy adventures! On a selfish note, I really thrive on the challenge of getting more detailed than I did on the last one… it’s a challenge to be the best I can be!
Hallie at Our Broken Road


Katja's Cozy Socks

“What I appreciate most about this craft is the sound of cozy little toes pitter pattering on the hardwood floor.”
Katja Magus, Living Crafts contributor

Kristen's Spring Animals

“What I appreciate most about making this craft is … how proud my kids are of me! They are always making suggestions for new toys for me to make… I also love the material. I’ve always loved wood. I did a few carvings many years ago, and have just recently come back to it, although the process is much different. My favorite pieces that I make are the unpainted ones. The wood can feel so soft and smooth with nothing on it except for the natural wood cream.”
Kristen at Two Raccoon Hollow

Helga's Community Quilt

“What I love about this craft is that it is a collaboration of dedication to our children’s school and also to our school’s garden. “The Enchanted Garden”, a quilt for our school gala auction fundraiser, each square was home-sewn by different women, mothers and grandmothers.”
Helga Conklin

Every Friday is Gallery Day at our blog. Please provide us with a link in the comments section below or email us ( by midnight, a photo and description of your projects- they don’t have to be Living Crafts projects (but of course we LOVE to see those too!). We’ll pick our top four to six pictures of readers’ projects selected from the previous week to feature on our blog and our top pick will win a free one year subscription to Living Crafts Magazine. Please spread the word and don’t forget to leave a link below to your recent project- we love to see what you make! Please send with a comment starting with: What I appreciate most about making this craft is …

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