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Fairy Gardens- A Guest Post from the Magic Onions

Hello Living Crafts Friends! I am delighted to be here today to share some of the fun we have been having with Fairy Gardens this year. We host an annual Fairy Garden Contest on The Magic Onions from April 1st to August 1st and hope you will pop over to see all the gorgeous gardens our readers have made.

I have two children, Kitty who is 8 and Teddy who is 5… both of them are avid fairy gardeners. They play in the magical spaces they have created for hour upon hour.There is something reallymagical about working with your children to make a Fairy Garden. As with most things magic, I can’t quite put my finger on what makes it so. Perhaps it’s a combination of many things… working with moss and miniature is always charming. As is working with your children, especially when you are invited into their imaginations and can glimpse a little of what is true for them. This is a gift we don’t often get. Add a some creativity, thoughts of fairies and gnomes, a little pixie dust and it’s an enchanting experience for all of us. I’m super excited to share this Fairy Garden tutorial with you – we will be making a Fairy Garden in a pretty teacup… what could be more magical?!

Supplies we needed:
* a pretty teacup
* small stones
* moss that has been well watered

We began by putting a handful of clean, small rocks into our teacup.

As our teacup has no drainage holes in the bottom, the small stones will act as drainage, ensuring that our moss does not get flooded every time water it. Fill the teacup about halfway up with stones.

Next, we planted the moss. Use a sharp knife to cut a circle in your moss the same size as the top circumference of your teacup.

The roots of our moss went too deep for it to fit into our teacup. We used our sharp knife again to cut it the right depth… the moss needs to sit on top of the stones and have only green showing above the rim of the teacup.

Place your moss circle into the teacup and wiggle it around so that it sits comfortably on the rocks. Voila, your teacup Fairy Garden is ready for decorating.

Kitty made a cute fairy-sized banner with pretty scrapbook paper, string, glue dots and sticks.

She cut out tiny triangles from the paper. She pushed the two sticks into the moss and tied the string to the sticks. Then, using glue dots, she carefully stuck the paper triangles to the string to make her fairy banner.

We made a chair using sticks, garden scissors and our trusty hot glue gun. We planted a tiny succulent plant into a thimble for a fairy-sized potted plant.

We added a few miniature tools we found at our local craft store and a marble for fun.

What fun we have had with our teacup Fairy Garden. It lives on our dining room table as our centerpiece and the kids make up sweet fairy stories as our dinnertime conversation.

We water our teacup Fairy Garden sparingly a few times a week. As it is indoors, in indirect sunlight, just a little water is all it needs.

I invite everyone to make a Fairy Garden and enter it into our Fairy Garden Contest click here to see the details on how to enter and to view all of the amazing Fairy Gardens already entered. If you need even more inspiration, I also have a Fairy Garden Page that is packed full of many Fairy Garden ideas and tutorials, as well as a Tutorial on how to make a larger Fairy Garden.

Happy Fairy Gardening,

Blessings and magic,

Donni, at the Magic Onions

Thanks so much for joining us here, Donni, and sharing this beautiful tutorial!
For more inspiration and to see more of Donni’s wonderful work, please visit her websites:

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Posted by Fiona Duthie on Jul 7, 2012 06:36 AM | 7 Comments

7 Responses to “Fairy Gardens- A Guest Post from the Magic Onions”

  1. ginkgo girls says:

    So lovely. My girls are entering the teenage years now, but we still call the maple in the side yard the “fairy tree” and, once in a while, I see something new & magical suddenly appear there. Never too old for fairies!

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  3. Lovely article and I love the tea cup and saucer mini garden! I have some vintage tea cup and saucer sets that I now know what to do with! Thank you for this!


  4. GardenDrum says:

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  5. cindy says:

    OMG! I love this,the ideas you can get from this are endless.a project for me and my granddaughter to do.

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