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Craft Resolutions 2012: Tara Jon Manning

artwork by Michelle Edwards

To welcome this New Year, we thought it might be fun to talk to some of our Living Crafts friends- present and past contributors, all very creative people, and see what goals, visions and dreams inspire their craft resolutions for 2012!

Tara's cardigan design in the Winter 2010 Issue

Tara Jon Manning’s Craft Resolutions for 2012:

  ” 2012 is a year of making. Making making making – making art, making felt, making garments,  making paintings and drawings.  Whatever I see in my creative imagination, I will make it in the media best suited for it – some I know, some that I may not even know about yet.

   In all this making I am most interested in continuing to explore the blending of “craft” and art, to mix things up and to continue to work with the idea of craft/handwork as an expression of spirituality.  Letting go and acting without agenda, in 2012 I will explore the ways we are transformed through what we make. 

   With a strong nature connection, I endeavor to be stay simple and inspired.  It is so easy for me to go off the rails with ideas and complexities – sometimes loosing the essence of whatever I was inspired to do in the first place.  My intention is to get out of my own way and watch the process and the project evolve. 


  In 2012 I resolve to spend more time in the studio, even if it is just to drink a cup of tea or sweep the floor.  The rhythm of discipline is easy to jump out of, very difficult to get back into.  I also resolve to publish more small projects.  Handwork folios, a small knitting collection, or whatever arrives, I want to share and inspire as I have been gifted and inspired.  Best wishes to all for a beautifully creative and inspired 2012.  Make and make and make and share and share and share.”


Author, artist, handworker, mom and maker Tara Jon Manning lives in Boulder, Colorado with her two sons, husband and dog Roxy.  She is often found playing with sticks, mud, cookie dough, wool, paint and fabric.  Visit Tara at

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