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New! Friday Gallery

We want to celebrate the beautiful crafts you make each week! We know our readers make amazing crafts- and it’s time to share them and get inspired!
Every Friday is going to be Gallery Day at our blog. Please provide us with a link in the comments section or email us a photo and description of your projects- they don’t have to be Living Crafts projects (but of course we LOVE to see those too!).  We’ll pick our top four to six pictures of readers’ projects selected from the previous week  to feature on our blog and our top pick will win a free one year subscription to Living Crafts Magazine. Please spread the word and don’t forget to leave a link below to your recent project- we love to see what you make!  Please send with a comment starting with:  What I appreciate most about making this craft is …

Apple Basket by Leila at Alice-Louise Designs

“The apple baskets are my original design. I have an affection for all things fiber- I basically learned to knit and crochet for the purpose of being able to felt pieces. I have always loved baskets for both their form and functionality. “
Leila Cook at Alice-Louise Designs

Little Grass Doll by Jennifer at Dark Blue Dragon

“I created a Little Grass Child to use on our Spring Equinox table a few years ago, but she has since evolved. Taking inspiration from the Living Crafts Guardian dolls (from Living Crafts Fall 2010), I made her shape a bit more round, to fit better into little hands. The softness and warmth of the wool feels good and encourages little hands to play. I love the green roving she is created with and bought it simply for its freshness. It seems like a perfect fit for a Spring doll.
Jennifer DeWolfe at Dark Blue Dragon

Needlefelted Pin (with model!) by Jessica at Cairnish Knits

Jessica made this wonderful pin at the Living Crafts Community Craft table at Stitches West, based on this most lovely of models!

“After a just few instructions, I was hooked (or should I say barbed?) on needle felting. Fiber sculpting was a fascinating discovery and I can’t wait to apply the technique to new creative projects!”
Jessica Owen Day at Cairnish Knits

Please note- so many of you are talented creatives and have your own blogs and businesses. Our Friday Gallery posts are intended as a place to share works made for yourself or friends and family.  (We love promoting your businesses too - but have other places to showcase your work!). Please join us and link below from your blog/website or email us at We’re looking forward to seeing and sharing the projects you love making!

Visit next Friday for our top reader’s craft pics and links,  plus the announcement of our first Friday Gallery winner!


Posted by Living Crafts on Mar 1, 2012 09:44 PM | 6 Comments

6 Responses to “New! Friday Gallery”

  1. Connecting With Nature
    Receiving inspiration and weaving materials from the natural world, Donna has been
    creating baskets since 1986. She has lived in some of the most beautiful places of the
    western U.S., where she has seen and experienced the lessons of the earth. Although
    she is now living in an urban area, her pieces often reveal the spiritual and physical
    connection she has developed.
    Baskets are just one type of
    item that Donna makes.
    She also weaves figures~
    some mythical, some serious,
    some playful. Look for rattles,
    jewelry, masks, woven
    sculptures, and more…

  2. Hallie says:

    What I appreciate most about making this craft is the not only the stress reliever it makes for me but the joy it brings my children…. The possibilities are endless for the adventures they can take with my little peg dolls.Just watching them make up stories and adventures with these little guys on the our plane trip made the sore neck I got making them the night before we left TOTALLY worth it! :)


  3. Bettina Groh says:

    I have been making artist bears for close to 20 years and still love doing it…. but I also enjoy other hand work such as my grandson’s Ma Cobb hat ( from the “Firefly” tv series). ..or my needle felted mousies… Here’s my link… for the gallery

  4. Wow. These look great. I like the apple basket a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What I appreciate most about this craft is the symbolism of it. It conjures springtime for me in a way that makes me feel full of optimism and graces my home with a simple, seasonal decoration.

    (I hope I followed your instructions correctly. xo)

  6. KeishaJL says:

    They’re all gorgeous but I adore the apple basket!!! I’ve purchased other items of Leila’s and love them all. I think I’ll have to have this one too! :) Thanks for sharing all of them on your blog and in your magazine! <3 them :)

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