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Craft Resolutions- Michelle Edwards

artwork by Michelle Edwards

To welcome this New Year, we thought it might be fun to talk to some of our Living Crafts friends- present and past contributors, all very creative people, and see what goals, visions and dreams inspire their craft resolutions for 2012!

Please join us in celebrating this new year, filled with potential, craft and creativity, by reading our craft resolutions and sharing your own, in our comments section!

We’d love to hear from you too! What are your craft resolutions for 2012?
Do you have….
A new craft skill you would like to learn this year?
A new method to you’d like to add to your craft tool kit?
A new tool for your craft?
A project you would like to start/finish this year?
An inspiration (nature, travel, person, place?) for 2012?

Please leave a comment here, and if you have a blog post, a link too!

We start the New Year by Michelle Edwards’ Craft Resolution:

  “In 2011, many travel commitments and writing obligations related to my new book, A Knitters Home Companion, took me away from my own creative projects. Busy with new deadlines, I rushed through days and weeks. I even hurried my knitting, once my greatest relaxation.

  In October, returning home from my last big trip, I painted my studio– one whole wall a chalkboard green, and the others, a sunny yellow. I rearranged the furniture. Then I bought a big box of colored chalk, and on the green chalkboard wall, I doodled in my goals and dreams. Leaving rush and hurry behind me, in 2012, I am inviting joy and playfulness into my bright lovely space. Already covering my drawing table are sketches and new story ideas.

  Just the other day, I took out my copy of Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition by Terri Shea. When the book first came out several years ago, I skimmed through it. But for some reason, recently I have been thinking about how much I would enjoy knitting one, two, or three pairs of the Selbuvotter mittens. What might I learn from stitching the year 1932 across NHM#10, my favorite pattern in the book? What connections might I make with those mittens and their knitters? Was there a story waiting to be found in a Selbu eight-pointed star or an eyelet cuff? Slowly, in 2012 I hope to find out.”

Michelle Edwards,  author and illustrator of A Knitter’s Home Companion. You can read more about Michelle’s work at  and follow her on FaceBook at .



thank you.

Posted by Living Crafts on Jan 1, 2012 10:42 AM | 9 Comments

9 Responses to “Craft Resolutions- Michelle Edwards”

  1. Linda Morgen says:

    One of my New Years Resolutions is to make something each month with a craft I haven’t tried before or some new materials/method. I am also trying new bread recipes each month. Expanding my horizons!

  2. nadja says:

    My craft resolution for 2012 is to create my craft room in the basement and to knit as much as I can.
    Our waldorf school celebrates 20 years in Sept and I would love to make a handwork exhibition. This are my big plans for 2012!

    And you can have a look about my work at

    Happy new year! Nadja

  3. Carrie says:

    Sadly, my resolution this year is LESS. I have outgrown my space and our house is full! I save so much with the thought of reusing and I simply have to let it go. I have more craft plans and ideas than time or resources. So I’m cutting back. Sad, but true. I hope it will be freeing though and I can get back to crafting without moving piles of stuff every time I go in!

  4. Sayra Adams says:

    My plan is to go vertical! I want to get some stacking bins from The Container Store and get my wool stash to behave.

    I also have several tutorials I’m going to bust out with. All about wool, dyeing, and more fun stuff. Another big plan is to involve the kids at my daughter’s school. I want to get them felting….
    Check out my fun filled blog over at

    Thanks ;)

  5. Sayra Adams says:

    P.S. I forgot to add, I want to be come a better knitter, and maybe learn how to weave (shhh don’t tell my husband!)

  6. Wendy says:

    I resolve to set aside more time to sew reusable menstrual pads for Haiti, along with the diapers.

  7. I resolve to crochet a granny square blanket, possibly two, for my daughters’ room. Long before knowing the greatness of wool, I had crocheted them each a baby blanket in…. gasp…acrylic!!! They love their blankets because I made them, but I cringe now when I see them snuggle them. I have always wanted to make a granny square blanket (since watching “Roseanne” who had one on her couch). This year will be the year! I am open to yarn suggestions and advise, I am thinking of using either “Flower to Hexagon Blanket” or “Flowers in the Snow” from ravelry.
    Nadine “kniteeney”

  8. mudmama says:

    I am learning to weave on a floor loom and setting up a large dye garden this year.

  9. My crafty goals are to do more of them! I make Waldorf doll, and inbetween homeschooling my 3 little boys with one on the way, and planning an off grid move across the country, my goal is to work karder and making and selling these special little dollies ;)


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