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Winter Solstice Magic

This afternoon, shortly before the Winter Solstice, I received an email from Christine Schreier of The Puppenstube, that she has visited our blog and seen the number of people who participated in her Ore Gnome giveaway, and that she decided to give away every gnome she has, to increase the chance of winning for everyone. Christine, I am overwhelmed by your kindness and your generosity. May you be an example for all of us. Thank you for representing a true spirit of giving. You never seize to amaze me with your talents, in the art of handwork, and love.


The Puppenstube

Our 11 lucky winners are:

Michael C.: I would love to win one of those cute gnomes.

Meghan Lambert: I love these gnomes!!!

Kristyn: what a cutie! thanks for the giveaway!

Susan: He’s a cute little gnome.

Ms Beezus: I made the perfect gnome lady to accompany this handsome guy!

Valerie: Oh my goodness-I was thinking I might give these to a grandchild BUT NOOOOOOO! I would have to keep this one for me! Too cute. Thank you Christine for the smiles and joy your gnomes spread.

Amy G.: These gnomes are the cutest things ever!

Colleen C.: How adorable!!! Thanks for offering a chance to win Gnomey!!!

Brooke: That is so adorable! love all of them!

Jodi H.: I LOVE these little gnomes! I hope to make some myself someday.

Tree: I absolutely love these!! So wonderful! Thanks for the chance! My daughter would adore a little fat gnome.

Posted by Living Crafts on Dec 22, 2010 06:26 AM | 11 Comments

11 Responses to “Winter Solstice Magic”

  1. Messa says:

    So sweet! What a beautiful addition these would be to any home! Blessings!

  2. Greeblygreebly says:

    How wonderfully generous! Congratulations to all the winners!

    (That afgan is just gorgeous!)

    • Living Crafts says:

      Dear GreeblyGreebly, this afgan, aka Christine’s Crazy Quilt is featured with full instructions in the Fall 2009 issue of living crafts. It is a one-piece quilt! pardis

  3. Danita says:

    Christine has such a wonderful, pure heart and spirit. Congratulations to everyone who will be the recipient of one of these gorgeous gnomes. They will be a treasure for years to come.

  4. robin says:

    How beautifully thoughtful and generous! Congrats everyone!

  5. Jeanette says:

    Christine, these wonderful gnomes are the most beautiful treasures and thank you for the opportunity.

  6. Kristin W says:

    Congrats to the lucky winners! Shucks, I missed this giveaway, so I will visit the Puppenstube for one – they are adorable!! and those little gnomes homes, ah, amazing!! I sure remember that issue of Living Crafts featuring Christine and her beautiful quilt – what a jewel!!

  7. Tracy Bernard says:

    Christine is great. I have an Ore Gnome and have been keeping my eye on the new Girl Ore Gnomes. Sigh! Hopefully I will have some extra funds soon or perhaps I will make the Girl Gnome my 40th birthday present to myself in April.

  8. Nice work. Please keep working on. Thank you very much.

  9. Good job! what a great post! Thank you very much.

  10. GRacias por la informacion, ha sido de gran ayuda, yo me encuentro preocupado por la perdida del cabello.

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