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Good Finds – CHA Tour Part II

And now I visit Potter Craft, and see Log Cabin Quilting book, which is very interesting. There are some nice “modern quilting” books out there and still coming from different publishing houses, that cater to a free spirit style of quilters using non-traditional methods and fabrics. I love this genre of books and Log Cabin is one of them. I can’t wait to sit down with the book one day and go through it thoroughly.

Now I see Print Workshop, a book I’ve been considering for review for awhile now. They had stamps and pads and cards at the booth so visitors could make their own designs, trying the ideas in the book. This book is going to have its own review in a Book Review post with two other books that showcase hand-printing for y’all hand printing enthusiasts.

Although I did not visit many paper product booths, these two lanterns caught my eyes, so I ran to their booth and asked permission to photograph. The idea of using textured paper to make my own lantern sounds so appealing, and I thought you may enjoy these options from Black Ink.

I took photos of all the ones I liked for using as lantern paper, mostly white and neutral options.

These tree cuttings are actually packaged and sold, but I prefer to make my own.

A tree cutting is one of the most beautiful surfaces you can give your child for their art. My daughter likes to do portraits on hers. Here’s a a self-portrait she did with pencils last year.

I took photos of samples at their booth, but have to admit, I love the portrait idea the best!

I really like these doily and paper banners. The photos don’t do justice, but the doily especially looks very pretty.

Fresh flowers are such a great relief at a trade show. I actually had to go near to make sure they were indeed fresh.

That’s all for the 2011 tour. If you want to read up on Part I of this tour click here. Next year I may even have videos for you!


Posted by Living Crafts on Feb 7, 2011 03:26 PM | 4 Comments

Good Finds: CHA Tour Part I

I just came back from the CHA Conference and want to give you a brief tour of what I liked. This is a craft trade show, and includes paper products, sewing, knitting, crochet, fine arts, etc. I enjoy mostly meeting with people at yarn companies, book publishers, and discovering new products.

C & T Publishing has a new award winning product that caught my eyes: Transfer Artist Paper. You can use your inkjet printer to print anything you want on this paper, and then iron it onto fabric. I’ve never been fond of this kind of thing in the past because you end up with an image which feels like plastic, and no matter how beautiful or natural and soft your fabric is, the image part has a cold, synthetic feel to it. With this product, I noticed the t-shirt still stays soft and nice, so it is definitely worth a try. I have requested that they send me a piece so I can try it myself. C & T has even come up with a book on how you can use this method for many different projects. It is called Create with Transfer Artist Paper, by Lesley Riley. Here’s the photo of the product next to the printed t-shirt (please note, the shiny crown and wand are stitched on top of the t-shirt after the image is printed):

Transfer Artist Paper

I also saw a nice new book coming soon by Stash Books, an imprint of C & T, called Countdown Calendars. They had displayed it nicely next to one of the projects in the book, so I snapped these photos for you before the book is available for sale.

Countdown Calendars

crocheted flower trim

This crocheted flower trim was a great find, made with cotton, by Petaloo. They also had little packages of just the flowers in different size and colors. This line was probably the only natural line they had among hundreds of products, but it is a great item to use for many things!

I had a lot of fun looking at these felt projects at the EK Success Brands booth from their Dimensions Needle Crafts line:

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

felt projects

Vanna White

Here at the Lion Brands Yarn booth, Vanna White is being interviewed by FavCrafts.

loveseat but I find myself more interested in this love seat

loveseat here’s a photo of the front

matching cube and here’s the matching cube chair – never mind the yarn mummy sitting on it

crocheted pillowHere at Patons Yarn booth I am smitten by this crocheted pillow

crocheted dolls

crocheted dolls

crocheted dolls And by these Sugar & Cream crocheted dolls – the girl in Kimono is my favorite.

crocheted sachets with herbs insideHere are some crocheted sachets with herbs inside. What a great idea for shoes.

I found a creative example of how you can use your millions of miles of finger-knitted and cording your children make. It can even be felted after assembling together like this.

pom pomsLove the pom poms.

Vickie Howell’s yarn manufactured by South West Trading Company – she was showing it to retailers and I got a photo of her but it didn’t turn out good. The photo didn’t do justice to her pretty self, so I deleted it. But here are some of the pieces she’s made with her yarn:

Vickie Howell’s yarn

And here’s the sample photo:

And I found some nice photos of her at the event here.

And here’s some silk yarn I discovered from May Arts.

silk ribbon

silk ribbon

Artemis is the only silk ribbon brand I knew of, which is hand-painted and was reviewed in Living Crafts Good Finds section in the last issue, but I also like these silk solids in different widthss from May Arts.

Part II coming to a blog post near you very soon. Most exciting part in it is that I found paper to make lanterns with!


Posted by Living Crafts on Feb 3, 2011 12:21 PM | 3 Comments


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