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Books: Vintage Designs to Knit

Vintage Designs to Knit

by Kim Hargreaves, edited by Kate Buller

(Trafalgar Square) On every page of this book, reviewed in Summer 2012 issue of Living Crafts, you’ll see something beautiful, classic, and familiar. Perhaps a sweater that reminds you of a glamorous movie star or an old movie or a grandmother’s photo. The designs are authentic and summon the styles of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. They are simple and sparingly adorned. This book is a must-have for anyone who loves the beauty of simple knits and purls….and some cables.

Finn and Edda on page 98

My absolute favorite designs are Finn & Edda on page 98, Agnes on page 124, and the red hot Audrey on page 8.  All yarns in the book are specified from the Rowan collection, and some are not all-natural, but the patterns are definitely worth spending the time to find the 100% natural equivalents.

Agnes on page 124



Trafalgar Square is giving away a copy of this book!  To enter the drawing, you must live in the U.S., and leave a comment here by Monday, July 30th, Midnight Pacific Time. 



Posted by Living Crafts on Jul 20, 2012 12:43 PM | 229 Comments

Knitting at Knoon- Sunhat Kit Giveaway

Knitting at Knoon produces beautiful, timeless knitting patterns for the whole family. Imaginative patterns for everything including shawls, hats, bags, sweaters, coats and a very fun line of toys.

Just in time for the return of warm, sunny days, Knitting at Knoon is offering one lucky Living Crafts reader a kit for making the Petal Princess hat shown above from the Li’l Sunhats pattern collection. The kit will include the full Li’l Sunhats pattern (all six versions) and the two skeins of yarn needed to make it, courtesy of Tahki Stacy Charles.

Visit the Knitting at Knoon website and leave us a comment below with your favorite pattern from the website, by Friday, April 13, 2012, Midnight pst.

And the winner-chosen at is:
Liz Kool who wrote, “The hats are so cute, great for my grandgirls. I am always looking for fun and interesting things to knit for the girls, the Salsa sweater and the winter hats would be a big hit along with the leg warmers.”

Congratulations Liz!

Posted by Living Crafts on Apr 6, 2012 04:39 PM | 90 Comments

Blonde Knitting Joke for Charity

St. Anthony Foundation

A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway. Glancing at the car, he was astounded to see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting!
Realizing that she was oblivious to his flashing lights and siren, the trooper cranked down his window, turned on his bullhorn and yelled, “PULL OVER!” ”NO!” the blonde yelled back, “IT’S A SCARF!”

We’re sure she didn’t get a ticket because she was knitting for St. Anthony’s Scarving Artists who are committed to providing 2,500 hand knit scarves for our guests this Christmas. While we don’t recommend driving while knitting we would love your help this year! To knit for St. Anthony’s click on and find out how!

Posted by Living Crafts on Oct 13, 2011 11:11 AM | 2 Comments

Sasha Kagan’s Scotty Dog Sweater and Beret

Doesn’t this gorgeous sweater and beret make you want cold weather right now? This is a perfect knitting project to start now to get ready for Old Man Winter who will be here before you know it!

These are both designs from Sasha Kagan’s Classic Collection by Sasha Kagan, published by The Tauton Press in 2011. Click here to download a free PDF tutorial.

Sasha Kagan’s Classic CollectionPhototgrapher credit: Chris Gloag.

This book is a collection of Kagan’s most iconic designs that span over the last forty years. Known best for her use of color and innovative intarsia designs to create striking patterns and motifs, Kagan’s designs have passed the test of time to become true classics in their own right. Kagan’s patterns are organized by four decades, offering you 5 designs from each decade, from 1969 to 2009.   All designs are updated and reworked in contemporary yarns so you can find them readily in stores.


The folks at Taunton Press have offered a copy of this beautiful book as a giveaway to our readers.  For a chance to win a copy sent to you in the U.S. please leave a comment on this post by Friday, October 14th.  Winner will be announced Monday.

Posted by Living Crafts on Oct 12, 2011 10:53 AM | 128 Comments

Book Review: 55 Christmas Balls to Knit

55 Christmas Balls to Knit

Since 2002, Arne and Carlos have used their unique style sense to parlay traditional Scandinavian knitwear designs into individual patterns perfect for holiday décor. Here they share 55 hand-stitched knits on a supersmall scale—projects that take little time to make and minimal effort to make well.

Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison, Norwegian and Swedish respectively, established their design company Arne & Carlos in 2002.

 Drawing on their traditional Scandinavian influences and their natural environment, they create original and visually striking knitwear.  Arne and Carlos’ creative base is their eclectic farm located north of Oslo in the Valdres region of Norway. There, they absorb the rich tradition of Scandinavian arts and crafts while exploring their own knitwear inspirations ( 


$50 gift certificate + this BOOK!


Trafalgar Square Books are giving away a copy of 55 Christmas Balls to Knit book to one lucky Living Crafts blog visitor.  Leave a comment here to be entered to win by October 31, 2011.  In addition to the book giveaway, you’ll also receive a $50 coupon towards any books on their website.   Meanwhile, if you already have this book feel free to email photos of the balls you’ve knitted from this book and we’ll post them here!

Posted by Living Crafts on Oct 6, 2011 06:58 AM | 366 Comments

Baby Booties – Knitting for Little Feet

These adorable booties are just the thing for winter! With the holidays coming soon this would be a great gift for you to knit for a baby in your family.  This pattern is one of 40 booties, socks, and slippers for babies and kids, in the Knitting for Little Feet book by Trafalgar Square Books.  As you turn the pages of this book, you’ll keep changing your favorite until the end.  Full review in the upcoming Fall 2011 issue of Living Crafts.

All My Clothes Are Green

Level of Difficulty



12 months (approx)

(see page 127 for size measurements)


Yarn: Regia 4-ply (75% wool/25% polyamide, 50 g, 230 yds / 210 m) pine (327) = color 1 for the sole and Chinese lantern (1111) = color 3 for instep

Regia 4-ply, small amounts fern (1092) = color 2

Needles: set of 5 dpn or 48 in / 120 cm Magic loop circular U.S. size 1.5 / 2.5 mm


30 sts and 42 rnds in stockinette = 4 x 4 in /
10 x 10 cm.

Adjust needle size to obtain correct gauge.

Stitch Patterns


Worked back and forth: Knit on RS and purl
on WS.

In the round: Knit all rounds.

Garter Stitch

Garter Stitch worked back and forth:
Knit all rows.

Garter Stitch in the round: Alternately
knit 1 rnd and purl 1 rnd.



Color 1: work back and forth in garter st from the toe to the heel.

CO 4 sts with provisional cast on (see page 117).

Rows 1-9: On every other row, M1 after the first and before the last st of row = 14 sts.

Rows 10-29: Knit.

Row 30: Dec 1 st each at beg and end of row = 12 sts rem.

Rows 31-39: Knit.

Row 40: Dec 1 st each at beg and end of row = 10 sts rem.

Rows 41-59: Knit.

Row 60: Dec 1 st each at beg and end of row = 8 sts rem.

Row 61: Knit.

Row 62: Dec 1 st each at beg and end of row = 6 sts rem.

Row 63: K3 to center of heel. Pick up and knit sts around the sole for a total of 72 sts.

Mark the center of heel and tip of toe. If working on a circular ndl, at the center of toe, pull out a ndl cable-loop so that you can continue knitting in the round in two separate sections. (Magic Loop method)

Side of Foot

Work in the round, beg at center back. Knit 1 rnd with color 1 = continue with the existing color.

Purl 1 rnd with color 1, knit 4 rnds with color 2, knit 1 rnd with color 3. These rounds begin and end at center of toe.


Now work short rows in stockinette st. Mark
center toe and heel, and on either side of each marker should be 24 sts, 48 total.

The 12 sts to the right and to the left of the heel marker (24 sts) are put on hold. The instep will be worked on the rem 24 sts (12 on either side of the toe marker). Beg at center of toe, k3; turn, yo, (see page 76).  For this yarnover, wrap the yarn around the cable after the turn, at the beginning of the row. At the end of the row, this loop will always be knit together with the next stitch and
1 stitch will be increased (an increase of 2 sts in every row). On the RS, slip the yarnover, knit the next st and pass slipped st over. Continue with short row shaping until there are 16 sts on
working needle (8 sts on either side of the center of toe).

Now from the existing 16 sts, work 15 sts, k3tog (16th st + yarnover + 1 st from holder).

On RS, work as follows: Sl 1 rem st + yarnover together, k 1 st from holder and pass over
slipped sts.

Now work to place marked between the heel
and instep. Beg working in the round again and, on every rnd, join the last st on holder with the first instep st and the last instep st with the next st on holder until 48 sts rem. Work 4 rnds in
stockinette over these 48 sts to begin leg and then continue in k2/p2 ribbing until leg is desired length.

Make the other shoe the same way.


Knit Little Feet

We have a copy of Knitting for Little Feet to give to one lucky Living Crafts visitor. Just leave a comment to this post to be entered to win! Deadline to enter is Sunday, October 9, 2011 at midnight Pacific Time. We will announce the winner on Wednesday. Good luck!


We Have a Winner!

Patty Manders Submitted on 2011/10/07 at 1:25 pm

Can’t think of anything finer than warm little feet in hand knit little socks! Got to keep my fingers crossed that this book might just be in my future:)

Congratulations Patty!


Posted by Living Crafts on Oct 5, 2011 09:31 AM | 300 Comments

Knitted Baby Hat

Pattern by Fiona Duthie -Photos by Nicole Spring

Remember our Living Crafts Knitted Child’s Hat from last year?

Well, the cool weather is upon us again, and just in time, the Living Crafts Knitted Child’s Hat is now also available in sizing for babies- a quick knit and a great gift for the fall and winter babies in our lives.

Our baby hat is soft and warm, covering and protecting our littlest ones’ ears and neck from cold winds and drafts.

Materials: 1 Skein Noro Kochoran yarn, 50% Wool, 30% Angora & 20% Silk

Note –one skein will be enough to knit 2 hats. The Noro Kochoran has a beautiful angora halo when handwashed gently in a mild soap. It also felts only moderately when put through the washing machine and dryer- try going up one size and washing it for an even more warmth and softness!

Needles: size 8 (5mm) Straight and Double Pointed needle sets

Gauge: 14 stitches and 22 rows equals 4 inch square

Instructions given for two sizes:  The beautiful baby is pictured here at both 3 months and 6 months, wearing the 3-6 month size.

3-6 months years, measures 14 inches at widest part of head

(6-12 months, shown in parentheses), measures 16 inches at widest part of head


Using straight needles, cast on 28 (32 stitches).

Knit 12 rows garter stitch (knit every row). At the end of last row, turn work and cast on 20 (22) stitches. 48 (54) stitches total.

Evenly divide stitches while transferring onto dpn’s. Turn knitting.   Place a marker to show beginning of round.

Purl one round, joining to work in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.

Knit one round.

Purl one round

Knit every round until piece measures 4 inches from hat front edge.

(6-12 month size only- K7, K2together, repeat to end. Knit 1 round)

Both sizes:

K6, K2together, repeat to end of round.  Knit one round.

Repeat these two rounds, knitting one less stitch before the K2together, in each decrease round, up to and including:

K1, K2together, repeat to end of round. Knit one round.

K2together, repeat to end of round. (6 stitches remain)

Note: for a flat topped hat- break yarn, pass yarn end through remaining stitches, pull tight and sew in end yarns.

K2together, repeat to end of round. (3 stitches remain)

Pass stitches onto 1 dpn. Knit 4 rounds I-cord. Break yarn, pass through remaining stitches and sew in end yarns.

Make two cords, each 10 inches long, either by knitting 3 stitch I-cord, braiding or fingerknitting,

Sew one end of each cord to corner of ear cover to make the underchin tie.

Sew in all end yarns, and wrap your baby (or someone else’s!)  in some woolly love!

Fiona Duthie

Fiona Duthie is a regular contributor to Living Crafts.

In her studio on Salt Spring Island, BC, she creates in a bountiful beauty of color, wool, and texture, inspired by the natural world. Fiona designs fine feltwork, felting and knitting patterns, gives workshops in natural craft, and runs her hand dyed, artisan fibre company, Kattikloo. You can read more about her fibers, projects and creative living at and on Facebook.

Posted by Fiona Duthie on Sep 19, 2011 01:33 PM | 34 Comments

A Living Crafts Wedding Story and Giveaway

We love to hear from our readers; your comments, ideas, questions, and especially stories about your finished Living Crafts projects.

I received an email from Marcia Kimpton recently, sharing her family’s wonderful story of making the Wedding Shawl from our Spring 2011 issue.

Jean and Dave: Wedding day photo by Lynn Poulin @ Lyndahkicks Photography

“When I saw the article in Living Crafts, I was inspired to create this for my son and (to-be) daughter-in-law’s wedding.  I contacted her family and her sister, who had never knit before, took on the task of doing one half.  A dear friend who is an expert knitter started the “bride’s” side  and sent it on the needles to the bride’s sister on the west coast.  She  had some help from a friend, but she knit this side almost entirely, tutoring herself with yarn store and internet help.

Hillary, the sister of the bride, knitting on the west coast

Maine relatives and friends of the groom worked on the other half.  I started the knitting and had many helpers here, several who had not knit before, including a brother, a dad and a stepdad.  I taught them to purl, and they each did some purl rows .

stepfather of the groom, Tim, purling on the east coast

There were nine of us who worked on the “groom’s” side.  For me, the pattern took intense concentration (for the first 10 inches at least) and I kept coming up with the wrong number of stitches, but corrected it in the next row, and it is a very forgiving pattern.

Before I left Maine for the wedding, I had “our” half and the center piece  ready to put together.   I sewed the pieces together on the train out to Seattle.

Catherine and Andy: Wedding day photo by Tim Matsui @ TuaLua Photography

This project brought us together so wonderfully as a combined family- for all of us, not just the bride and groom.  I got to know the bride’s sister a bit from our early correspondence about the shawl, and ended up staying at her peaceful apartment while we were there for the wedding.  During this time  I worked on the wedding shawl with my son’s stepmother and her daughters, and it was a wonderful bonding process for us.  I was so very happy that they wanted to participate with me!

Catherine and Andy- Wedding day photo by Tim Matsui @TuaLua Photography

I have also made a journal for all of us to record our thoughts and wishes in.

Thank you so much for this inspiration!”

Marcia Kimpton

The wedding shawl is already a heartwarming project for me, and to hear Marcia’s story just makes it all the more special.

This pattern makes a great all season wrap for everyday wear, as well as special occasions! Light and warm over a summer dress; as an extra layer over a fall sweater; with enough drape and softness to be worn wrapped as a scarf into the winter. Try making the pattern with fewer repeats to make a gorgeous Fall scarf.  Think ahead to holiday gift giving! Last Fall we made scarves using this pattern for each of the women in our family as secret handmade gifts. Everyone was knitting on scarves, but no-one knew they were also going to receive one! Such fun…and so connecting to share stitches with each other, across the country.


To celebrate these shared craft projects, Living Crafts and Kattikloo Fibre Studio are sharing in a giveaway! A fabulous package including three 100gram (3.5 ounce) skeins of Kattikloo Baby Alpaca yarn as used for the Living Crafts wedding shawl, a copy of Living Crafts Spring 2011 issue that features the wedding shawl story, plus a one year subscription to Living Crafts magazine (Total value $100.00) . Yarn color will be the winner’s choice. Please leave us a comment by midnight pacific time on Monday, August 15th.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 16th.


We have a winner!

Submitted on 2011/08/15 at 4:16 pm
This shawl is beautiful!! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

Kattikloo is offering 20% discount to Living Crafts readers, until September 1st. Visit the Kattikloo shop and use the Living Crafts reader appreciation code: LCSUMMER2011

Fiona Duthie

Fiona Duthie is a regular contributor to Living Crafts.

In her studio on Salt Spring Island, BC, she creates in a bountiful beauty of color, wool, and texture, inspired by the natural world. Fiona designs fine feltwork, felting and knitting patterns, gives workshops in natural craft, and runs her hand dyed, artisan fibre company, Kattikloo. You can read more about her fibers, projects and creative living at and on Facebook.

Posted by Fiona Duthie on Aug 11, 2011 10:44 AM | 445 Comments

Knitted Leaves


This is what happens when a creative mama sits down and thinks about leaves with yarn and knitting needles in hand. Get the full tutorial at Natural Suburbia.

She also has a knitted oak leaf tutorial you can add to your pattern stash.

Posted by Living Crafts on Jun 22, 2011 09:58 PM | 1 Comment

Knit Toy Face Embroidery

Do you struggle with putting the finishing touches on your hand-crafted toys? Here’s a great video tutorial on embroidering the face on a knit doll, courtesy of Susan B. Anderson of Spud & Chloe. Though the video shows how to embroider Spud’s face you can apply the technique for embroidering facial features on other knit toys.

Posted by Living Crafts on May 23, 2011 08:14 AM | No Comments


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