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Craft Resolutions-Angela Mobley

artwork by Michelle Edwards

To welcome this New Year, we thought it might be fun to talk to some of our Living Crafts friends- present and past contributors, all very creative people, and see what goals, visions and dreams inspire their craft resolutions for 2012!

Angela's famous dragon from the Fall 2011 issue

Angela Mobley’s Craft Resolutions for 2012

“What a rich topic!   My dreamings include slow processes. I feel that I am always looking for a faster way to work…it is completely joyful, wildly abandoned, free, and very experimental.  It is also chaotic, too busy, and disorganized. So, my creative goal for this year is to engage in slow processes, and see what inspiration comes from a flow that is peaceful joy rather than rambunctious joy. I truly believe that both kinds of creative joy can of course co-exist, and they even need each other. But, for me, in the pace of life as mother, teacher, and maker, there is always room to slow things down and invite spirit in a peaceful way.

I have started this movement within myself already. I created a metaphor of a beautiful clearing in the forest and me sitting in the clearing. I am enjoying myself, and singing loudly for the birds and deer to come join me. But they would not, until I was still. In the stillness, when I wasn’t looking, I was surrounded by forest creatures. This is my picture I will carry for myself….to be the one sitting in stillness, silently noticing inspiration, and inviting a creative flow that feels powerful in its quiet.”

“In practice, the stillness looks like this:  I purchased a beautiful Border Leicester fleece from an Ohio sheep farm. This is the slow process I need, and want: to wash a fleece, to card it by hand, to spin it, and to dye and knit it , maybe one of Christine’s triangle shawls from Living Crafts Fall 2011.  I have already been tempted to use the drum carder instead of the hand cards. But no, I am going to enjoy this very slowly and cultivate my ability to savor.

Much happiness to you and yours (that goes for everyone)!”

a boy and his dragon


Angela Mobley is a regular contributor to Living Crafts Magazine, including designing the wonderful dragon on the cover of Living Crafts Fall 2011. Angela has worked as a seamstress and a music teacher, but her favorite job is the one she’s had for nine years now: handwork teacher. You can read more about Angela and her creative process at her website: The Indigo Rabbit.



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