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Good Toys Bad Toys

This is a great discussion on toys by Touch the Future.

You’ll read two interviews on Good Toys – Bad Toys. The first on open-ended toys is with Jane Krejci, a grandmother, early childhood educator and former consultant to Brio Toys, USA. The second is with Dr. Toy … Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., an educator and author of Smart Play – Smart Toys, How to Raise a Child with a High PQ. We all know about IQ – the Intelligence Quotient. In Stevanna’s book she describes PQ, the Play Quotient: a child’s capacity to play which is actually related to intelligence. The more a species plays the greater their intelligence. A child’s play quotient depends on the parent’s ability to be playful. (I am now feeling bad about all those times I was not playful!)

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts about it, and how it relates to your family.



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