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How to Make Beeswax Luminaries

Are you ready for a quick, simple, yet satisfying winter project? Last night I created beeswax luminaries, made by simply dipping water-filled balloons into heated beeswax. The light is warm and the luminaries smell subtly of sweet beeswax. And because you insert a votive or tea light you can reuse them indefinitely.

Ready to get started? You can find the tutorial here.


Rachel Wolf is a self-described “crafty-mama” and past contributor to Living Crafts Magazine. She writes the natural lifestyle and natural parenting blog Clean and is working on her first book for parents and children. Aside from crafting-of-all-kinds, Rachel spends her days homeschooling her two children and running her organic body care business, LuSa Organics.

Posted by Rachel Wolf on Jan 2, 2012 09:29 AM | No Comments

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